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pedestrian underpass in Golden Gate Park avoids cars and serves as impromtu bandshell

A pedestrian underpass beckons like an intriguing cave opposite the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, offering a vehicle-free means of traversing JFK Drive.  On a sunny day, the sunlit steps on the other side are an invitation to enter and the reward … Continue reading

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primordial tree fern dell in golden gate park

The shady Tree Fern Dell in Golden Gate Park is so different in mood from the sunny, flower-filled Conservatory Valley on the other side of JFK Drive.  But this jungly dell well represents the flip side of the Victorian sensibility, a fascination with the exotic and … Continue reading

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“The Ball Thrower” in Golden Gate Park

“The Ball Thrower,” a bronze statue on the south side of JFK Drive across from the Conservatory of Flowers, is one of my favorites among the many sculptures scattered throughout Golden Gate Park.  Not only is it a delightful character study … Continue reading

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Pastels of Golden Gate Park

Here are two gorgeous pastel drawings of Golden Gate Park, by San Francisco artist Diane Olivier, who is also a legendary drawing teacher at San Francisco City College.  Two different days, very different light in the park!  Both drawings were … Continue reading

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Shakespeare in the Park

Here’s a lovely article about the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park.   Reminds me that I’ve been meaning to revisit this little gem.  When the rain stops  .  .  . “An Afternoon with the Bard in Golden Gate Park … Continue reading

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trees love light: photos of trees in golden gate park at the botanical garden

A beautiful exhibit of photographs by local photographer, Steve Kane, opened in the library of the San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park last night and will be on view through April, 2014.   Don’t miss this one!  Using … Continue reading

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warren hellman meadow: renaming after banjo pickin’ billionaire

‘The Board of Supervisors has voted to recommend renaming Golden Gate Park’s Speedway Meadow after a billionaire financial titan. But Warren Hellman isn’t your ordinary billionaire financial titan, and Speedway Meadow is no ordinary meadow. The 77-year old private equity … Continue reading

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artist harvests flax in golden gate park

“One of the many goals of the Artist-in-Residence program at the de Young Museum is to explore connections between the artists and the surrounding park environment. These connections enrich our museum visitors’ experience through the guest artists’ explorations and interpretations. … Continue reading

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hardly strictly: a converstation w/ bluegrass aficionado warren hellman

Hardly, Strictly Bluegrass aficionados will be interested in an interview with Warren Hellman published in the Bay Citizen yesterday: “After a long walk in the wee hours of every workday morning, 77-year-old Warren Hellman (who is the chairman of The … Continue reading

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enthusiastic bicyclists turn out with artful bicycles in golden gate park

Many surprised park visitors gawked in delight yesterday at the parade of artful bicycles and colorful riders of all ages circling the music concourse and heading down JFK drive to Lindley Meadow in the annual Tour de Fat.  Here are … Continue reading

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