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Some Snags at Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park

As both an artist and a naturalist I’m drawn to the dead trees on the islands in Stow Lake. Their skeletal remains stand out dramatically against the sky and they exemplify the natural life cycles in the park.  Heavy with ivy, nasturtium and other creeping … Continue reading

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That bark! (more on eucalyptus)

These giants in the panhandle must be over a hundred years old.  According to Elizabeth McIntock’s pamphlet, Trees of the Panhandle, published in 1973, they are Manna gum (Eucalyptus viminalis) and, in Australia, the favorite food of Koala bears.  Sometimes also … Continue reading

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Australian tree like a benign serpent in the grass of golden gate park

Next to the Ghiradelli Rustic Shelter, a hang-out for chess and checker players just north-west of the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, the serpentine trunks of an old (possibly dying?) Melaleuca tree must be an irresistible jungle gym for children.   Going … Continue reading

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trees love light: photos of trees in golden gate park at the botanical garden

A beautiful exhibit of photographs by local photographer, Steve Kane, opened in the library of the San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park last night and will be on view through April, 2014.   Don’t miss this one!  Using … Continue reading

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sudden oak death found in golden gate park

‘The number of oak trees in California that died from the virulent forest disease known as sudden oak death has increased tenfold in just a year’s time as the pathogen spread into several new parts of the Bay Area, including … Continue reading

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managing the urban forest in golden gate park

Standing near the intersection of Transverse Drive and Middle Drive West in Golden Gate Park, looking downhill towards Elk Glen Lake, I am surrounded by urban forest, no hint of the city in sight.   The air is warm and … Continue reading

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a labor of love: mapping central park’s trees

This article from today’s New York Times tells of two friends who have spent two years putting together a map of the trees in Central Park, New York.   Of the approximately 23,000 trees in the park, only about 150 … Continue reading

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