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coyote pups In golden gate park

“Although coyotes have been in Golden Gate Park since 2007, the Huffington Post reported last April that the animals were becoming more agressive in order to protect their young. Now we have the pictures to prove it.Cruz, however, doesnt just … Continue reading


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coyotes (again) in golden gate park

‘Sightings in Golden Gate and other San Francisco parks have increased, and Animal Care and Control is advising all residents to remember that they are not only wild animals, but potentially dangerous as well. Although coyotes have been in Golden … Continue reading

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great horned owl chicks hatch in golden gate park

Golden Gate Park Owl Chick A great horned owl and owl chick were spotted in a nest across the street from the bison paddock in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park on Sunday. Richmond District resident David Cruz kept an eye … Continue reading

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coyotes in golden gate park

It seems we may be seeing coyotes more frequently in Golden Gate Park, according to this recent column by C.W. Nevius, for SF Gate: ‘Four years ago, the city was in a tizzy over coyotes. It culminated with two of … Continue reading

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great horned owl chicks wow birdwatchers

The following is excerpted from an article by Katie Worth in the San Francisco Examiner (4-9-11): “In the mottled light behind the trunk of a pine tree, four poofs with eyes huddle together. And they’re watching.  Those poofs are in … Continue reading

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exquisite black and white photos capture moody park

Walking around Stow Lake these days you might encounter a dapper, white-haired gentleman with a gorgeous 4 x 5 camera on a tripod, lens focused on a group of stones at the water’s edge or a distant, misty view of … Continue reading

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