exquisite black and white photos capture moody park

a path in golden gate park (photo by Mitsu Yoshikawa)

Walking around Stow Lake these days you might encounter a dapper, white-haired gentleman with a gorgeous 4 x 5 camera on a tripod, lens focused on a group of stones at the water’s edge or a distant, misty view of ivy festooned trees.  That would be Mistsu Yoshikawa, who is working on a photographic essay of Stow Lake.

Mitsu Yoshikawa, who lives not far from the park and has spent many hours taking photographs there, follows in the footsteps of iconic nature photographers like Edward Weston, whose work he admires and credits as an inspiration.  His 4×5 camera, set for long exposures, allows him to capture the park landscape in exquisite detail, whether framing an arresting image of bark or leaves up close or a distant grove of trees enveloped in mist.  Collectively his photographs of the park evoke a swampy, over-grown, mysterious place .  .  .  no people in sight.  This is primarily a world of plants, water, wood and stone, but sometimes a bridge or path or artful pruning will hint at human presence.

trees at the music concourse, golden gate park (photo by Mitsu Yoshikawa)

Mitsu Yoshikawa teaches photography classes, including darkroom developing, at the recreation center in Duboce Park, where a number of his photographs are also on display.  To see more of his work: http://mitsuyoshikawa-image.com/


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