coyotes (again) in golden gate park

‘Sightings in Golden Gate and other San Francisco parks have increased, and Animal Care and Control is advising all residents to remember that they are not only wild animals, but potentially dangerous as well.

coyote in golden gate park, photo by David Cruz

Although coyotes have been in Golden Gate Park since 2007, Animal Care and Control believes that the animals feel particularly threatened right now because it’s pup season. Mother coyotes are most likely defending a den of pups in the area.

Haley Bratton told the San Francisco Chronicle that she frequents Golden Gate Park with her two large pit bulls and regularly sees coyotes near the trails. Last Thursday, however, was not her normal walk in the park when one came within three feet of her, growling and gnashing its teeth.

“Every step we took backward, he took two forward,” she said.

On Tuesday, the Recreation and Park Department announced that it will close trails near JFK Drive. The trails nearest to the north and middle lakes and the bison enclosure will be off-limits to all dogs, possibly until August. Joggers will also be cautioned against visiting the area.

Even if you can’t check out the coyotes for yourself, take a look at a few pictures of the beautiful animals by David Cruz.’

via Coyotes In San Francisco: Sightings In Parks Result In Closed Trails (PHOTOS).


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  1. webmaster says:

    I’m pleased that SFRPD reacted in a sensible way by closing the trails and thus reducing the threat to both dogs and coyotes – instead of deciding to remove them or something. It’s quite wonderful to have so much wildlife in our city.

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