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victory gardens in golden gate park

Urban farming and community gardening have been time-tested in San Francisco.  Few people today realize that Golden Gate Park was a productive urban farm during World War II. ‘Victory Gardens, also called “war gardens” or “food gardens for defense”, were … Continue reading

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searching for spanish monastery stones in golden gate park

Walking in Golden Gate Park you may notice some ornately carved stones, segments of fluted pillars, arches, sculptural reliefs worn smooth by time.  These are remnants of  a medieval Spanish monastery, now scattered throughout the park and put to various … Continue reading

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the old beach chalet in golden gate park

The current Beach Chalet in Golden Gate Park dates to 1925.  It’s a building in the Spanish Colonial Revival style and one of the landmark historic structures in the park.  Few people know that there was another Beach Chalet, predating … Continue reading

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chicken point: a long-forgotten story involving chickens and coyotes

In The Making of Golden Gate Park:  The Early Years, 1865 – 1906, Raymond Clary recounted some fascinating anecdotes from the early history of Golden Gate Park.  Many of them have long been forgotten.  One story that caught my eye … Continue reading

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