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the ecology of the park, including humans

Golden Gate National Parks BioBlitz Reaches New Heights – National Geographic Society Press Room

I read this press release with delight and wondered how many species a BioBlitz would turn up in Golden Gate Park.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to compare? “SAN FRANCISCO (March 31, 2014)—After two intensive days of exploration and documentation, the Golden … Continue reading

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native plant strikes again

“Three San Francisco cops remain on disability after suffering “severe” reactions to poison oak during a Sept. 9 scuffle with a tree-branch-wielding homeless man in Golden Gate Park, police said Thursday.  The incident erupted about 9:15 a.m. when transient William … Continue reading

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Tell the difference between honey bees and bumble bees

A reader has pointed out that the bee I photographed in Golden Gate Park was probably a bumble bee, not a honey bee.  I posted the photo last week in a blog about Golden Gate Park honey.   That started me wondering … Continue reading

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Did you know that you could be spreading Golden Gate Park Honey on your breakfast toast these foggy mornings?  Disadvantaged bees make it;  they have been rescued and relocated to a rooftop near Golden Gate Park out by Ocean Beach.  The … Continue reading

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coyote pups In golden gate park

“Although coyotes have been in Golden Gate Park since 2007, the Huffington Post reported last April that the animals were becoming more agressive in order to protect their young. Now we have the pictures to prove it.Cruz, however, doesnt just … Continue reading

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heron watching in golden gate park

“Its a sight to behold: an elegant four-foot tall heron slowly stalking across the field above the Big Rec baseball diamonds in Golden Gate Park. Suddenly, from a motionless stance, it strikes out and nabs an unsuspecting pocket gopher, swallowing … Continue reading

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central park, new york (notes): diagnostic lab for an 843-acre patient

It’s always interesting to see what’s going on in the mother park! This is from today’s New York Times: ‘On a recent morning inside a nondescript laboratory building in the middle of Central Park, Tina M. Nelson was watching for … Continue reading

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