This blog is about Golden Gate Park.  It features stories and information about the natural and cultural history of the park, profiles of some of the interesting people connected with it (both historical and contemporary) and reports of fascinating things that are happening in the park today.   Here you will find  posts about flowers blooming, recent wildlife sightings, events and scandals .  .  .  the inside scoop on this amazing park day by day.

spring flowers in the botanical garden, california section (April 29, 2011)


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  1. Liam O'Brien says:

    I’m thrilled to find this website! I’m new at this blogging thing. I am a lepidopterist and recently began consulting on and exciting new restoration at the top of Strawberry Hill — the island in Stowe Lake. An amazing place for folks to learn their butterflies! Many of our 35 species congregate there late in the day to find partners. The restoration is a collaboration between the GG Park, the Park Trust & the Natural Areas Program of SF Rec & Park. Ground was just broken last weekend with planting more host plants for the butterflies ( the plant, or family of plants, the females prefer to lay eggs on…) and a strong turnout of volunteers have already improved the perimeter of the old pond up there. Go to http://www.natureinthecity.org, order yourself my “Butterflies of San Francisco” Field Guide ($5), and park yourself in this fantastic part of the park. More to come….Liam O’Brien

    • Would love to know more about butterflies in Golden Gate Park! Can you post a notice on this blog next time you are leading a butterfly walk in Golden Gate Park? Will check out the top of Strawberry Hill; is the restoration self-evident and self-explanatory?

      • Liam O'Brien says:

        It’s self-evident. Go to the top and around the old pond (that will one day be filled again), you’ll see the beginnings of what is to come. Yes, I will post my next walks there. I have one tomorrow at India Basin Park in Bayview at 11am to see Pygmy Blues, the smallest butterfly in the country! See you then. Liam

  2. Gloria Koch-Gonzalez says:

    Volunteers are welcome at our second Saturday of the month work party at Strawberry Hill on Stow Lake in historic Golden Gate Park. We meet at 10 AM at the Stow Lake Boathouse and then walk to the top of the island and work along with park staff on butterfly habitat enhancement until 1 PM, with a break for refreshments. For more information contact Julia@sfpt.org

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