flashback to 1971: 156,000 march to protest the vietnam war

speedway meadow, golden gate park, april 24,1971

This news flashback is from http://richmondsfblog.com/

“In this month’s issue of The Richmond Review newspaper, the above photo was featured, which shows thousands of citizens .  .  . in protest against the Vietnam War  .  .  .

The photos were taken by Saul D. Feldman, who participated in the protest and captured these photos.

According to the UC Berkeley Library of Social Activism, the rally took place on April 24, 1971. While 200,000 people held a rally on the Mall in Washington DC, around 156,000 simultaneously marched here in San Francisco. It was the largest such rally to date on the West Coast.

The procession began at the Civic Center and made its way up Geary Boulevard, finishing up at Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park. Live music was played and people flew frisbees and coffee can lids in the park, which you can see in one of the photos below.”

via Flashback to 1971: 156,000 march to protest the Vietnam War | Richmond District Blog of San Francisco (richmondsfblog.com).


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