interesting history of controversy over native plants

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3 Responses to interesting history of controversy over native plants

  1. RKB says:

    Wow. That’s more strongly worded than anything I’ve seen so far… though the Nazi precursors of the Native Plant movement are an open secret.

  2. Gloria Koch-Gonzalez says:

    Dated myopic polemic that ignores science in favor of social commentary. Essence of native plant movement is to support co-evolved relationships within biological communities in the age of extinction.

  3. milliontrees says:

    Koch-Gonzalez says this article is “dated.” Considering that one of the local leaders of the native plant movement engages in anti-immigration diatribes in his “nature news” and writes an article in the newsletter of the California Native Plant Society about “genetic pollution,” this article continues to be relevant.

    As for the “co-evolution” canard, we quote Stephen Jay Gould, famed scholar of evolutionary theory, who says in this article, “…the only conceivable rationale for the moral or practical superiority of ‘natives’…must lie in a romanticized notion that old inhabitants learn to live in ecological harmony with surroundings…But this notion…must be dismissed as romantic drivel.”

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