fall foliage

I’m in the Canadian Rockies this week (blogging by iPhone is limiting), but I will be back next week and back up to speed. The Western larches here are magnificent, flaming gold!   I’m unable to check right now, but wondering if there are any larches in Golden Gate Park (the Arboretum, the Tea Garden)? Perhaps Japanese larch (larix kaempferi), sometimes (uncommonly!) planted in California?.  If so, do they turn gold like this? Will investigate when I get back next week. But here’s an idea: how about keeping track on this blog of color spots in the park this fall?! Stay tuned!

Western larches (larix occidentalis) near Banff, Canada

larches reflected in Arnica Lake, Banff, Canada


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I'm a landscape historian and professor emeritus of landscape architecture, UC Davis. I live in San Francisco.
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  1. Mats Hagstrom says:

    That’s an old post. There should be a Larix Mastersiana or Masters Larch in the japanese garden. I have many in pots in my back yard. They are deciduous everywhere they grow and all of them lose their leaves in the winter.

    Minor have that glowing yellow color right now and it’s mid December. They started turning at the end of October.

    They will begin budding once it gets warm and should be in full swing by April.

    They are even more beautiful when the lush green buds are coming out. As an individual small tree the yellow leaves are not nearly as impressive as an entire forest. I can imagine that must be quite the site.

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